About Us

Robin Chatham aka Spiritual Life Coach


She has personally overcome extreme shyness, depression, social anxiety, painful relationships & low self esteem.


What she's learned is it's not about getting information, it's about putting information into practice.  She has developed an experiential program that will change your daily life.


First she teachs you the new concept or skill, you practice it with her during the session, then you continue the new habits and skills each day with ease.


For you to embody Heaven Within, is completely attainable.


Robin has been described as a teacher, healer, medicine woman, oracle, sage and a blessing.


She did possibly the hardest thing a person may tackle; she decided to turn the hate, anger and venom she felt toward

her mother into loving and enjoying her.


Think of a person you dislike or despise.

Do you think it’s possible not to feel that way toward them any more and to love and enjoy them instead? Most people would answer, “no way”.


Well she did.


Maybe loving your enemy is not of interest to you.

Maybe you just want less physical pain in your life.

Maybe you want less emotional pain in your life.

Maybe you want to be happier.

Maybe you want to be richer.

Maybe you want to be more compassionate or feel comfortable speaking in a group.

Maybe you want to make or keep more money.


Robin can tell you that she's come quite a distance and continues to expand, learn and become better each day and she can show you how to have that for yourself.


She discovered that every person is divine (whole, enough, special, valid) including herself

and believe it or not, even YOU.


Discover the fullness that you are

The magnificence that you are

The completeness

The regal spirit that you are.


Discover A Sacred Solution to your troubles.


“A Sacred Solution” is Spiritual Life Coaching designed to erase the pain and replace it with the feeling of Heaven Within.


Call now while this is fresh on your mind for a FREE consultation. Robin Chatham 925-858-9760