Spiritual Life Coaching Topics

path Walk a path you've never experienced before.

1. What's Behind It All, discover the driving force behind all of your choices and reactions


This is always the first coaching session.

Then you are welcome to select any topic in any order.

2. Self Esteem, come out, come out, wherever you are.
3. Make and keep more Money.
4. Enjoy better relationships.
5. Dissolve stress.
6. Sleep like a baby.
7. Heal your heart.
8. Dis- ease, where does it hurt?
9. Speak your truth and be heard.
10. Have better sex.
11. Rise from depression.
12. Have more energy.
13. Forget Anger Management, choose Peace Development.
14. Love bigger.
15. Laughter the best medicine.
16. Manifest miracles.
17. Forgiveness.
18. Get organized.
19. What the heart needs; attention, affection, appreciation, acceptance.
20. Everything is one thing.
21. Dream on. Dream interpretation.
22. Manipulating energy.
23. Tame the persistent Ego.
24. Stillness whispers wisdom.
25. Love without conditions.
26. Become a gracious receiver.
27. Mind over Matter.
28. People Pleaser transformed.
29. Soothing the Grief.
30. Expand your intuition.
31.  Wildcard, substitute any topic you'd like to work on.