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Spiritual Life Coaching Classes/Workshops/Events


Learn Shaman Basics with Native Indian flare.
Wednesday, November 12 and again Saturday November 29th, 2014

9:00 AM -9 PM
Robin's Home
Brentwood, CA


Use Shaman ways to bring healing, harmony and balance to your everyday life.
Combine ancient wisdom with modern times.
Get back to basics, connect with nature and trust your instincts.
Soar wing to wing with Great Spirit.


Easy two steps to register: 1. Join meetup group 2. RSVP at­-Living/events




"I Love You As Is" study groups

Learn to Love your Self Immensely and Take Care of your Self Accordingly


Any day, Any time you need a "Speedy Solutions"

Call for 10-15 minute session. $20 per call. 

Set appointment or just call in: Robin 925-858-9760

Express what's bothering you and receive a Solid, do-able... get-immediate-results...Solution.



1.You are seeking a solution.

2. You are willing to give something new a try.

3. You are willing to email me an update of how it is working for you within 24 hours.





Tribal/Shamanic Healing



May 19th 1-5 pm in Brentwood.



1 hour session $100.



Receive Illumination to discover root of what upsets you, rid yourself of nagging troubles and embody Loving Spirit which is your birthright. 



Call Medicine Woman Robin Chatham 925-858-9760 for appointment.