I Love You As Is... home study groups

Learn to Love your Self Immensely and Take Care of your Self Accordingly

Affordable, In-Home, Interactive, Study Group


The  "I Love You As Is"  Home Study Group  is perfect for anyone wanting to Improve Their Self Esteem, Transcend Judgement, Kick Addictions with Ease, Naturally, Make more Money, Get more Pleasure from their Moments, Know Peace and Connect with Spirit.




Join a Weekly 1 1/2 hour Study Group in your area, meeting with others who are also ready to overcome judgement, stress, feeling separate and self-consciousness, using interactive lessons provided.


Groups are safe, respect confidentiality and are caring.

Lessons, ah-ha’s, epiphanies, awarenesses and quantum leaps unfold naturally, spurred by the topic of the week and encouraged and supported by the relationships of all students.


Group size 1- 8 members.


Men's groups, women's groups & mixed groups available.

Weekly phone sessions available for those who don't leave home, miss their group session or are on a waiting list for a group in their area.


Join an existing Group or by host one in your home you'll get FREE Membership.


$50 monthly membership. 

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Home Study Group Monthly Membership

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(Your first lesson is free, after 7 days you will then be billed monthly at $50/mo)