Who Can Benefit

Who may benefit from the healing program “A Sacred Solution”?:


People who suffer from:


Physical pain:

Fibromyalgia, , chronic pain, occasional pain, arthritis, undiagnosed ailments, spinal problems, breathing difficulty,headaches, migraines, sore feet, allergies, dandruff, psoriasis, insomnia,
sleep apnea, overweight, under weight, skin conditions, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, achiness, stiffness, acne, compulsive tendencies, ulcer...


Emotional pain:

Depression, grief, divorce, abandonment, neglect, irritability, anger, disappointment, road rage, mood swings, marriage issues, people pleasing, pessimism, criticism, sadness, nightmares, unworthiness,

low self-esteem, neediness, violence, vengefulness, hopelessness, thoughts of suicide, addictions


Disclaimer: A Sacred Solution is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment.



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Robin Chatham Spiritual Life Coach